Privacy policy

(General Provision)
1. “The Japan Foundation Asia Center” (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”) operating the website of “” (hereinafter referred to as “This Site”), respects the privacy of users of all contents and services in This Site (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) and exerts extreme caution in the managing of Users’ personal information.
In addition, hereinafter this “JF Japanese e-Learning Minato Privacy Policy” is referred to as “This Policy”.
2. The Institute handles personal information obtained from Users through the operation of This Site according to “The Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information by Independent Administrative Institutions” of Japan, “PRIVACY POLICY” of The Japan Foundation, and “Privacy Protection Regulations of the Japan Foundation”.

(Personal Information)
3 .All words and terms used in This Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” of the Japan Foundation. Therefore, any provisions which are not stated in This Policy shall be interpreted and operated according to “PRIVACY POLICY” of The Japan Foundation.

(Collection of Personal Information)
4. The Institute collects Users’ Personal Information by just and legitimate methods, and not by illegal methods that are contrary to Users’ will.
5. The Institute notifies Users of, or publishes the purpose of, the use of Personal Information.

(The use of Personal Information)
6. The Institute uses Personal Information collected from Users for the purposes of operating This Site and other sites that the Institute operates. The main purposes of use are as follows.
(1) To create, analyze and release statistical data related to this site and service
(2) For the distribution of the newsletter

(Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party)
7. The Institute does not provide or disclose Personal Information to any third party without the Users’ approval or permission; however, this shall not apply to the following cases:
(1) When the Users have agreed to disclosure;
(2) When the information is disclosed or offered as masked data;
(3) When the disclosing or offering is permitted by the laws and/or regulations of Japan;
(4) When the disclosing or offering is required by a public agency based upon the laws and/or regulations of Japan;
(5) When the Institute delegates some or all of the Service to any third party for the purpose of providing the Service;
(6) When the Institute relegates some or all of the Service to any third party;

(Usage of Access Log and IP Address by the Institute)
8. The Institute is able to collect information related to Users’ privacy by through their access log, IP address, etc. Information about likes or interests, browsing history, etc. is collected by using the access log, IP address, etc.
In addition, the Institute is able to use such information without any limitation as long as the Institute uses the information in a format that makes it impossible to identify the individual and that makes it impossible to check against or to inquire for Personal Information.

(Modification of Purpose of Use, etc.)
9. Modification of This Policy by the Institute: such as a change of purpose of use, change of method of management, etc. should become effective immediately when the Institute uploads the updated version of This Policy on This Site.

(Exclusion of Liability)
10. The Institute does not accept any liability for the protection of privacy from websites linked to This Site. Users shall access or visit external linked websites at their own risk.
11. The Institute exercises reasonable efforts to prevent all collected information from being disclosed to any third party accidentally; however, despite the security system of The Japan Foundation, should any information be accidentally leaked, the Institute assumes no liability and responsibility for divulging any personally identifiable information.

(Chief Administrator)
12. The Institute appoints the following desk to be Chief Administrator of Personal Information, and tries to manage Personal Information appropriately and to improve the enforcement of policies related to the protection of Personal Information continuously. In addition, the following desk should be the contact for inquiries about Personal Information at the Institute.

Privacy Protection Desk:
Japan Foundation Asia Center Arts, Culture and Exchange Section 1
4-16-3 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 JAPAN
Tel: 03-5369-6140, Fax: 03-5369-6141