The Sleeping Insect

  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy


Kanako Seri is on a packed bus heading to band practice. She becomes fascinated by a melody being hummed by a fellow passenger, an old man, a stranger. When the bus reaches Kanako’s stop, she doesn’t get off, she continues on a journey that turns out to be weird adventure. This film won the 2019 MOOSIC LAB Grand Prix.

Production Year : 2019

English Subtitles : YES

Japanese Title : 眠る虫

  • Director

    Born 1995, Tokyo. Yurina was chosen from a slew of hopefuls competing to direct the omnibus film "21st Century Girl" (2018) produced by Yuki Yamato.Her film "Walking Plants" (2019) was selected for competition section in the Pia Film Festival 2019.

    Yurina Kaneko

  • Artist

    Tokiyo is a songwriter based in the Kansai area and the lead guitarist of And Summer Club. Her work is characterized by the dreamy yet disturbing sounds of his electric guitar loops. Significant works include "Wakefulness," released at the end of 2018.

    Tokiyo (And Summer Club)

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