• Comedy
  • Horror


"Would you like to write a song with a ghost?" A strange letter arrives in the mailbag of a radio show. The two radio personalities head to the most terrifying haunted places to record the best spirit vocalists they can find. How does anyone make music with ghosts? The answer is to be found in this offbeat psychic adventure of two middle-aged radio DJs.

Production Year : 2019

English Subtitles : YES

Japanese Title : ソウル・ミュージック

  • Director

    Soejima is both a psychiatrist and filmmaker. In addition to his clinical work as a psychiatrist, he is also heavily involved in video production. He produced the feature film “Band A and the Flying Saucers (2019),” starring Yo Irie and has been involved in the production of numerous music videos.

    Masaki Soejima

  • Artist

    Oshima is a founding member of the quirky, conceptual band “sim.” He is currently active as a soloist and also plays for the bands,“Koe” and “liiil.”

    Teruyuki Oshima

    Koyama is a multi-talented artist who is active in the Sarada Mykal Tomioka Silk Mill Group, the Mikiko Suzuki Trio, and the Chokuretsu Engine.

    Kazuaki Koyama

    Otani, born in 1972, is a musician and critic. He has been a number of musical ensembles and is a much sought-after session musician for acts such as sim, mas and the Jazz Dommunisters.

    Yoshio Otani

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