Beats Per MIZU

  • Romance
  • Comedy


Sumiko is a university student who is blessed (or suffers) from a special ability to instantly grasp the BPM (beats per minute) of almost anything. One day she meets a boy who inexplicably sends her own BPM off the charts! A romantic comedy that humorously depicts a cascade of feelings that somehow resemble love.

Production Year : 2019

English Subtitles : YES

Japanese Title : ビート・パー・MIZU

  • Director

    Born 1991, in Kanagawa, Tomita’s short film "The Sky Is Not Always Blue" (2018) was selected for the Foreign Language Short Film section, at the Madrid International Film Festival. This film won both the Special Jury Prize and the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the MOOSIC LAB 2019.

    Miki Tomita

  • Artist

    Toketa Denkyu was formed in 2012 by four men from Kanagawa Prefecture. They released "WONDER by WONDER.""

    Toketa Denkyu

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