The 1st JFF Audience Survey Results from 14 Countries
March 31, 2020 22 Likes
The Japan Foundation has held, among the other projects, Japanese Film Festivals (JFFs) in many countries. Since its start in 2016, the JFF Project has expanded to promote Japanese
Sweat and Glory: 5 of the most memorable Japanese sports movies to date
March 30, 2020 21 Likes
Every four years, the Olympic and Paralympic Games draw in millions of spectators around the world because they exemplify fundamental values that we humans cherish the most: resili
The Timeless Joy of Studio Ghibli
March 30, 2020 9697 Likes
Picture this: Our protagonist, a young Jiro, deftly crosses his roof toward an aircraft adorned with bird-like wings. Upon clambering into the cockpit, he spins up the rotor, and t
Diversity, Creativity, Boldness: The 15 female directors behind the film '21st Century Girl'
March 29, 2020 39505 Likes
The scene of Mel Gibson intensely putting on black tights and mascara while experiencing his first-ever wax in a bid to understand what women really want in Nancy Meyers’ 200
Behind One of Asia’s Top Cinematographers: An Interview with Hideho Urata
March 28, 2020 7477 Likes
Whenever we think of movies and the people behind them, we commonly think of the director, the actors, the screenwriter, and occasionally, the producer. However, the craft of filmm
JFF India: The Crimes That Bind – An Interview with Producer Hidenori Iyoda
March 27, 2020 27385 Likes
Twenty-five Japanese films were screened in Mumbai this January (2020) for the 3rd Japanese Film Festival in India (JFF India) which was presented by the Japan Foundation. One of t
JFF India: Dance with Me – An Interview with Producer Daisuke Sekiguchi
March 27, 2020 37085 Likes
The 3rd Japanese Film Festival in India (JFF India) presented by the Japan Foundation, is touring across 7 cities in India over the 2019-20 season – the largest number of cities in
Haruki Murakami on film: The three live adaptation titles released in Japan so far
March 26, 2020 23112 Likes
Every fall, as the announcement of the Nobel Prize of Literature approaches, a distinct group of people gathers at a bar in Tokyo clutching books and framed photos, praying that, a
Interview: Eiko Tanaka, Producer of "Children of the Sea", after the premiere at JFF Russia
March 26, 2020 30947 Likes
In December 2019, the animated film, Children of the Sea (2019) was screened at the 53rd Japanese Film Festival in Russia (JFF Russia) hosted by the Japan Foundation. Ruka, a junio
Cats in Japan: Popularity, spirituality, and 5 heartwarming movies to watch if you love them
March 25, 2020 24436 Likes
It’s 2020 and the world is taken by a storm with the first-ever film adaptation of the musical “Cats,” a show that has won the hearts of millions across the globe
4 of the most successful low-budget Japanese movies (after ‘One Cut of the Dead’)
March 18, 2020 21323 Likes
The modern film technology has exceeded our wildest dreams. We watch movies on giant (and tiny) screens; we’re thunderstruck by displays that breathe life into every color and shap
6 Naomi Kawase movies to check out before her official film of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
March 17, 2020 31682 Likes
Before the start of each Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Games review proposals from filmmakers wishing to direct the officia
Watch Japanese movies online! Moosic Lab × JFF Magazine launches free streaming video service ! 
March 05, 2020 11200 Likes
We just bid goodbye to 2019, a fantastic year for us at the Japanese Film Festival Magazine. We’ve had a long list of exciting movies to share with you, amazing Japanese Film Festi
These are the most anticipated Japanese movies of 2020
February 28, 2020 11540 Likes
It doesn’t take long into the new year to know that 2020 will launch the beginning of another excellent decade for the Japanese cinema. From the long-anticipated return of tw
‘Children of the Sea’: A visually stunning emotional journey of profound ideas
February 21, 2020 10726 Likes
“Bugs and animals, too. They shine because they want to be found,” says Umi, one of the protagonists of the 2019 animated movie Children of the Sea. But his words are so much more
The 10 best Japanese movies of 2019!
January 31, 2020 17977 Likes
As 2019 comes to an end, Japanese Film Festival Magazine’s editors look back at the movies that stood out this year for their inspiring storytelling, creative cinematography, and i
Film and music competition Moosic Lab awards 2019’s best works by young filmmakers, musicians
January 30, 2020 12089 Likes
 Dozens of young filmmakers, musicians, and guests filled the Moosic Lab Closing Party 2019 venue in central Tokyo on the evening of December 23 as they impatiently awaited the
‘My Dad Is a Heel Wrestler’: A tale of the many forms of fatherly love in Japan
January 29, 2020 42876 Likes
 “My dream is to become bigger. My dad is very big, but I’m small, so I want to eat lots of my mom’s food and become big like my dad. If I can grow to be big and strong, I think t
Japan’s ‘Customer is God’ culture in the spotlight in Keigo Higashino’s latest mystery on screen, ‘Masquerade Hotel’
December 30, 2019 47940 Likes
 The button on her jacket fell off, so she called the front-desk clerk to her room to search for it. His computer accidentally deleted the last entered data, so he forced the hote
‘The Fable’: An action-packed appeal for work-life balance
December 30, 2019 33266 Likes
 It’s never a good sign when a country comes down to inventing a phrase to describe “death from overwork.” So when Japan came up with karoshi, a term coined in 1978 to describe su
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