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Watch Japanese movies online! Moosic Lab × JFF Magazine launches free streaming video service ! 

Thanks to a special collaboration with movie competition Moosic Lab, you can watch exclusive Japanese titles on our web magazine. And no, there’s no subscription fee. 

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We just bid goodbye to 2019, a fantastic year for us at the Japanese Film Festival Magazine. We’ve had a long list of exciting movies to share with you, amazing Japanese Film Festivals and events to report on, and dozens of stars and moviemakers from across Asia to get to know even better.

And now, as we enter 2020, there’s no better way to start the new year  — and new decade —

than to bring you another step closer to the captivating world of Japanese cinema. Starting in March, you will be able to watch exclusive Japanese films on our website, and the great news is that there is no subscription fee.
(※Broadcast is only available overseas, and is not available within Japan.)

Japanese Film Festival Magazine’s new free streaming video service “JFF ONLINE” will be delivered to you thanks to an exciting collaboration with Moosic Lab, a leading Japanese movie competition launched in 2012 that is considered as the gateway to success for emerging directors and musicians.

Now in its eighth year, Moosic Lab has given rise to many stars and directors. Among them are singer-songwriter Seiko Oomori, who won Moosic Lab’s Best Musician Award in 2012, and director Rikiya Imaizumi (Just Only Love, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) who stole the competition’s Grand Prix of the same year. Other popular names that emerged thanks to Moosic Lab include actresses Aoi Morikawa (The World of Kanako, Love and Lies), Riho Yoshioka (Louder!: Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp, Parallel World Love Story), and director Mayu Akiyama who made her debut long feature Rent a Friend in 2018 while working as a company employee.

Starting from March 2020, a selection of titles formerly presented at Moosic Lab will be screened on the Japanese Film Festival Magazine website for free. Viewers will be able to recommend their preferred titles to other users.  So feel free to watch, re-watch, recommend and talk about your favorite movies with us.

The selection for the inaugural Moosic Lab X Japanese Film Festival Magazine films includes nine long features and three short films, as follows:

<Long Features>

1.The Sacrament (聖なるもの), 2017 (Director: Isora Iwakiri)

Winner of Moosic Lab 2017’s Grand Prix, Best Actress, and other awards, The Sacrament is the story of a young director who puts his hopes into making a hit movie into a mysterious, beautiful woman.

2.Girls’ Encounter (少女邂逅), 2017 (Director: Yuka Eda)

Girls’ Encounter follows Miyuri, a lonesome teenager who loses her voice as a result of bullying at school. She is at peace only when looking after her “pet” Tsumugi, a silkworm she finds in the mountains. When one day she loses Tsumugi as a result of bullying, a girl named Tsumugi moves into her school. Girls’ Encounter is the winner of Moosic Lab’s Audience Award 2017.

3.Please Don’t Go Anywhere (なっちゃんはまだ新宿), 2017 (Director: Rin Shuto)

Highschooler Akino loves her senior schoolmate Okada, but Okada has a girlfriend called Nacchan. While Akino is busy being jealous of Nacchan to the point of becoming obsessed with her, she realizes that she is more fascinated by Nacchan than Okada. Winner of Moosic Lab 2017’s Best Musician Award (POLTA) and a overall competition runner up.

4.Rent a Friend (月極オトコトモダチ), 2018 (Director: Mayu Akiyama)

Winner of multiple Moosic Lab 2018 awards, including the long features Grand Prix, Best Actor and Musician Award, Rent a Friend poses the question of whether friendship between a man and a woman can indeed exist.

5.Moonless Dawn (暁闇), 2018 (Director: Harika Abe)

The story of three teens who know neither happiness nor unhappiness who find each other, and eventually themselves, through music. Winner of Moosic Lab 2018’s Actor Award and a overall competition runner up.

6.Life Finds a Way (普通は走り出す), 2018 (Director: Hirobumi Watanabe)

The story of the daily struggles of an aspiring movie director who lives in Japan’s suburbs. In the leading role is Director Watanabe himself, while his brother Yuji Watanabe is the mastermind behind the movie’s soundtrack.

7.Infinite Foundation (無限ファンデーション), 2018 (Director: Akira Ohsaki)

A lonely high school girl grows into a mature individual through the many encounters she goes through while believing she has no friends. Accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack Mirai E by singer-songwriter Kosame Nishiyama, this film will leave you with a somewhat nostalgic feeling.

8.Wander Life(書くが、まま), 2018 (Director: Naho Kamimura)

Hinano is a bullied and lonely school girl who has no other means to express her feelings but write them down. When one day she hurries in the school nurse’s room to escape, she meets a teacher who is about to change her life. Winner of Moosic Lab 2018’s Best Actress and Audience awards.

9.Sayounara (左様なら), 2018 (Director: Yuho Ishibashi)

When Yuki’s classmate suddenly dies, rumors begin to spread about her death and other classmates’ personalities are relieved amid grief and forced normalcy.

<Short Films>

10.Excited Death (ドキ死), 2018 (Director: Kohei Inoue)

Winner of Moosic Lab 2019’s Short Film Grand Prix, Best Musician and Best Actress for leading actress Mal Nakano, Excited Death follows the story of a woman who becomes a stalker when she’s in love.

11.Inner Loop Couple (内回りの二人), 2018 (Director: Taro Shibano)

A young man and woman discover the beauty of Tokyo at night as they wander around the streets of the capital after the last train leaves. Winner of multiple Moosic Lab 2018 awards in the Short Movie category.

12.Made in Japan (日本製造/メイド・イン・ジャパン),(2018)(Director: Yusaku Matsumoto)

When Kyoichi learns that a former coworker is behind a publicized murder, he takes it to social media to reveal that he knows the murderer. But when he agrees to be interviewed by the media, his life is about to change.

Looking forward already? Stay tuned and enjoy this impressive lineup coming up to your screen very soon!