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Japanese Film Festival in India premieres 27 September

Weathering with You’ screening and director Makoto Shinkai's visit announced

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The Japan Foundation has announced that ‘Japanese Film Festival in India’ will be held in seven cities across India, featuring 25 Japanese films as part of a large Japanese film festival in India from 27 September 2019 to February next year. ‘Weathering with You’, which has grossed in excess of 12.18 billion yen Japan-wide (at 8 September) will screen and its director, Makoto Shinkai will visit the Delhi venue. ‘Weathering with You’ will be the opening film of the festival and its director, Makoto Shikai will visit the screening to be held in Delhi on 27 September to greet fans in India.

The screening of this film in India was achieved through petitions organised by local anime fans. General screenings will begin on 11 October.


27th September 2019 (Fri) – 16th February 2020 (Sun)



27 September- 6 October


27 September- 6 October


8-17 November


15-17 November


6- 15 December


17-26 January


7-16 February

Project:Japanese Film Festival in India

Host:The Japan Foundation, New Delhi