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The Japanese Film Festival is coming to China!

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We are excited to announce that the Japanese Film Festival, currently held in ASEAN countries, Australia, will land in China again this October 2018.

The Japanese Film Festival provides opportunities for people to gather, under the vision of building a bridge between the Asian-Pacific film market and the Japanese film industry. This year, under the same vision, Japanese film screening events will be held in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing. Special guests, such as film directors, will also be joining the screenings in each city.

To strengthen ties between the Japanese and Chinese film industries, the JFF Web Magazine will also be available in Chinese (currently only available in Japanese and English). This is in the hope of increasing interest of and creating new market opportunities for Japanese films. Please look forward to exciting new articles to keep you updated about the Japanese film industry from new and unique perspectives, from our journalists all over the world

This year’s film screening dates and venues in China are as follows:

  • Chongqing:20th October~27th October *Opening event on 20th (venue TBC)
  • Guangzhou:9th November ~11th November *Opening event on 9th at 飛揚捷登都会店 (広州市)
  • Shenzhen:10th November~15th November at Shenzhen Broadway Cinematheque
  • Beijing:16th November~19th  December at Art Cinema of China Film Archive (Xiao Xi Tian Cinema, Bai Zi Wan Cinema)

Keep your eyes on ourJFF China Websitefor any upcoming festival and event guest information, as well as film introductions!