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4 Japanese Movies That Show What’s It Like To Drop Everything And Start Anew In Tokyo
April 06, 2018
Moving to Tokyo, the big city many living in Japan’s rural areas oftentimes naively dream of, is a r
Ramen In Japanese Cinema: More Than Just A Bowl of Noodles
March 02, 2018
A typical ramen shop in Japan has no more than ten, maybe fifteen seats. The buildings are often sho
Four muses: bringing life to the Japanese silver screen
December 08, 2017
Japanese actresses Sakura Ando, Yu Aoi, Hikari Mitsushima, and Aoi Miyazaki graced the red carpet at
The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival dazzles audiences once again
December 04, 2017
The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival dazzles audiences once again The 30th Tokyo International
Scenic Japan: Travel To Japan’s Most Beautiful Places With These Movies (Part I)
November 17, 2017
Iconic Mt. Fuji, Tokyo’s skyscrapers looming above the seemingly chaotic yet surprisingly civil “scr
7 Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit In Japan
September 20, 2017
When films truly touch us, particularly when the settings play a very prominent role in the narrativ
Popular Japanese Literature On Screen
September 20, 2017
While manga-to-film adaptations have steadily grown in popularity, acclaimed Japanese literature has
Understand Japan: 6 Movies To Watch If You’re Studying Japanese History
September 20, 2017
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a film, at 20-30 frames per second, must be worth well