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Three Films That Perfectly Capture Hokkaido’s Cinematic Beauty
June 12, 2018 0 Likes
Sitting right up on one of the northernmost corners of Japan, Hokkaido is generally known for two th
Japanese Weddings On Film: Western Vows And Shrines Whispers
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Japan is a study in contrasts — a nation where modern foreign influences and ancient traditions coll
Two Ends, Two Sights: Hokkaido and Okinawa in Popular Japanese Cinema
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Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost, second-largest island and the nation’s largest prefecture, contrasts
4 Japanese Movies That Show What’s It Like To Drop Everything And Start Anew In Tokyo
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Moving to Tokyo, the big city many living in Japan’s rural areas oftentimes naively dream of, is a r
Fleeting Beauty: A Film Journey Through 4 Of Japan’s Most Scenic Sakura Locations
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Sakura, Japan’s cherry blossoms, are more than just beautiful for the Japanese. With a cultural sign
Ramen In Japanese Cinema: More Than Just A Bowl of Noodles
March 02, 2018 3 Likes
A typical ramen shop in Japan has no more than ten, maybe fifteen seats. The buildings are often sho
4 Makoto Shinkai Films You Should Know (that aren’t Your Name)
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Your Name, the heartwarming story of two high-school students on an emotional, consciousness-swappin
Scenic Japan: Travel To Japan’s Most Beautiful Places With These Movies (Part II)
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After traveling from Hokkaido to Aichi in central Japan in Part I of our film journey throughout Jap
5 Japanese Movies That Will Warm Your Heart This Winter
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Up in the north and along Japan’s seas, the winter is cold and severe. But while the world outside i
Beyond Hatsumode And Otoshidama: New Year Traditions As Seen In Japanese Movies
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Every country has its own unique traditions and practices for celebrating the end of the old year an
Cakes And Puddings: 4 Memorable Dessert Movies From Japan
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Japan certainly has a sweet tooth — as well as perfectionism toward details that the art of making s
Scenic Japan: Travel To Japan’s Most Beautiful Places With These Movies (Part I)
November 17, 2017 8341 Likes
Iconic Mt. Fuji, Tokyo’s skyscrapers looming above the seemingly chaotic yet surprisingly civil “scr
7 Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit In Japan
September 20, 2017 20 Likes
When films truly touch us, particularly when the settings play a very prominent role in the narrativ