Tora-san of Goto

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Taking a flight and a bus, the distance from Tokyo to Nagasaki is 2 hours. From Nagasaki to Goto Islands is another 70km westwards. In the northern part of these islands, Toru Inuzuka’s family runs an udon (Japanese noodles) shop as well as manufactures natural salt. 7 kids, a 9-person family in total, with filming that started in 1993. Father Tora-san’s motto is “train your kids, yourself” The kids wake up every morning at 5 to help prepare the udon noodles before going to school. Tora-san says he’d like his kids to learn important life lessons they can’t learn in school. All 7 kids learn and grow, paving their own route. The rebellious type who leaves the house, the one that stays locally to work in the local fishery, etc. A coming to age story that explores other themes like aging parents, parent-child conflicts, sorrow, joy, nature, and Goto festivals, footage began when the youngest was 2 and ended when he was 24. This is a documentary that explores family values and has been in the making for 22 years.

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Masaru Oura
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Torao Inuzuka-san's Familiy


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