Filmmakers, stars at Tokyo Film Festival Asia Networking Reception share their stories
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Quiz: How many of these 7 iconic Japanese horror characters can you name?
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So you’ve watched a little too much of Japanese horror and yokai monster films and you’re thrilled to put your knowledge into practice. Well, thank us for this opportunity later, b
5 Japanese movies that everyone is talking about in 2018: Part I
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5 Before-Shoplifters Kore-eda Films That Capture The Essence Of The Human Heart
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May 2018, Cannes, France. Film fans, critics, and media from all over the world sat and watched in anticipation, waiting for the name to be unveiled: the winner of this year’s Palm
J-Cinema Spotlight: Rising Stars Taishi Nakagawa and Kengo Kora
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Following in the footsteps of veteran male actors such as Ken Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sanada and Yutaka Takeuchi, a cadre of young Japanese thespians continue to make their presence kno
3 Actresses Currently Rocking Japan’s Movie Screens
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When we think of the Japanese women that grace the big screen, characteristics that come to mind are classic looks, undeniable cuteness and versatile talent. But in recent years, J
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